"The carpets turned out well - they stayed damp longer than anticipated but the carpets look good now." --Brenda Timm
"The cleaning was great, everything looks very clean. The guys were prompt and followed the directions I left as I had to leave during the cleaning. I also appreciated the shoe covers they left for me. " --James Slaughter
"Odors seem to be all gone in the Master bedroom - will let you know if that changes but so far so good!" --Janine Clearly
"The young men(Rashad & Gavin) we great - I had my upholstery cleaned & they impressed me with how efficient they were. They even wiped up surrounding the upholstery in case any of the spray got on there!" --Kathy Troy
"Carpets are looking good, Rashad & Gavin did good." --Cheri Carlson
"ravis & Cole did a great job - the carpets look good, all spots are gone!" --David Turk
"Everything looks good, carpets dried up in plenty of time for us to move in this past weekend." --Cain Kiser
"The 2 young men(Travis & Cole) you sent out did an excellent job - Everything turned out wonderfully!" --Scott Weiler
"Awesome job, everything turned out great! Rashad & Gavin did a good job & we so efficient!" --Jamie Fairbanks
"Travis & Cole did a good job - the carpet looks great!" --Megan Wind