"They did a really nice job, we had great service and the techs were very nice people!" --Jeff & Vicki Millsap
"Carpet looks great! Dustin & Jimmy were awesome." --Lacey Dobsch
"It was perfect, looks great." --Anke Voss
"Oh, it looks good, real good. There’s never an issue!" --Dale & Connie McElroy
"Initially, it has been a night and day difference. It’s a huge improvement!" --Kristin Godlin
"It turned out great!" --Frank & Darlene Mills
"It looks great! I think we’ll have you guys out every 6 months from now on." --Jason Rector
"Oh, everything looks great! They did a wonderful job. The restretch looks perfect and the cleaning looks awesome. They did such a good job! We’re very happy with how everything turned out." --Lindsey Minick
"Everything looks great, whatever spray they used took care of the issue right away!" --Susan King
"It looks good, everything looks very clean now!" --Nancy Davis