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Staging Your Home: 10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


February is over which can only mean one thing – winter is just about over! You’ve almost survived the cold and are mentally preparing for longer sun, warmer weather and spending more time outdoors. But what’s the best part about leaving winter and entering into Spring? Finally selling that house you’ve been wanting to for the last few months. The springtime (specifically April and May) have been known for being the prime months for real estate and we’re almost there! While you wait, we’ve decided to help you out with the process. For this post, we are going to help you find the 10 best ways to stage your home! Use this month to prepare and be fully ready to get rid of the old, and move into the new.

Get rid of the Clutter

This may be the most important thing for a homeowner that is preparing to sell. Over the years, things begin to accumulate and you start running out of room to put them. This will cause your home to look much smaller and undesirable. Take the time you have to take a good, long look at everything you own and find some things that you can probably live without. You want your home to look as spacious as possible to potential buyers.

Furniture Display

When setting up your furniture, you probably want everything pushed up against walls to really open up the space right? Actually, that may not be true. Instead of putting everything in corners and against walls, try positioning your furniture closer together, perhaps at a distance where quiet conversation is possible. Not only will this actually help open a room up a bit, but also it can help direct the flow of foot traffic and everyone can be more comfortable.


Raise your hand if you know how many different types of lighting should be in a room. Any guesses? If you said three, well done on making your home look incredibly inviting! For the rest of us, a room should have ambient (overhead), task (under the cabinet or reading), and accent (table or wall) lighting. Great lighting makes a room feel warm and welcoming and can add a lot to your home.

Give the Appearance More

Maybe you have a room in your house that you wish was just a little bit bigger but didn’t want to undergo the cost and time it takes to add on. One way to accomplish this is by painting that room and an adjacent room the same color. By keeping the same color scheme, it will give the appearance of one big room and have a sophisticated and seamless look.

Don’t Go Crazy on the Walls….

Speaking of paint, one thing that almost always drives down offers on a home are when the walls have bright, bold colors. While it may fit your personality, it could clash with another person’s, so choosing a nice, neutral color is perfect. And don’t worry, neutral can be anywhere from tan to a soft blue-green so you don’t have to worry about it looking “boring”. Another added benefit of the neutral color scheme is it can tone down dated furniture!

…But don’t be Afraid to Change it Up

Are you beginning to get the idea of how important a nicely-painted home can be? While the main areas of a home are good for a neutral color, more darker colors will be a hit in the bathrooms and bedrooms. Whether you decide to paint the whole room or maybe just an accent wall, it’s sure to make the space seem cozy and intimate.

Vary the Heights of Wall Decorations

If all your paintings and wall decorations are hung in a straight line around the room, odds are people aren’t paying attention to them. One way to draw the eye is by staggering the heights. Cluster some, spread out others and make sure they pop!

The Power of 3

Accessories can make or break a room. Have too many and it looks cluttered, don’t have enough and it feels awkward. Stagers suggest that grouping things in 3’s can have a lasting impact. Imagine a triangle, place an object at each point and make sure to scale it so the largest of the 3 is in the back and the smallest in the front. This will draw a prospective buyer’s eye and help bring a room together.

Pay Attention to the Bedroom

Bedrooms are often a target destination for most home buyers. They want to see a relaxed, spacious room. Neutral-patterned bedding, partnered with a freshly-decluttered room is a must. Also, cleaned-out closets showcasing storage space is bound to score some bonus points.

A Clean Carpet is a Good First Impression

One of the first things someone visiting the house is going to see is the carpet. While regularly vacuuming can clean most messes, there are some things that have sunk so deep in the fibers, your vacuum just can’t get it. That’s where professional carpet cleaners, like KleenRite, can come in handy. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can return it back to its former glory and really freshens up the room. It could be what puts a buyer over the top.

Staging a home can take time and effort, but is a necessity when trying to attract buyers. Space, lighting and everything else in between can be the difference between selling your house immediately or stressing over how long it’s been on the market.

At Kleenrite, we use only state-of-the-art equipment and employ only trained professionals. And we guarantee our service for each and every customer: your carpets will be cleaned right every time. Call KleenRite at (217) 351-4930 or visit us online to schedule your service.


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