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Carpet Troubles: Tackling Traffic Patterns

Regular, professional carpet cleaning is the preferred method for cleaning your carpets. A professional carpet cleaner, like KleenRite, can remove way more dirt than your vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, however, traffic patterns in your carpet make it difficult to immediately see results.

What are traffic patterns or wear patterns?

Whether you call them traffic patterns or wear patterns they both mean the same thing - they’re the darkening in your carpet in a specific area. Traffic patterns develop over an extended period of time as the result of wear on the coating of the carpet. You can see an example in the photo to the right. It’s immediately apparent where the high-traffic occurred in this room as people passed through the exterior door, across the carpet, and into the room. When the carpet’s coating begins to wear off, and the fibers of your carpet begin to split and fray, the color of the carpet actually appears darker than the less worn areas. This is because the frayed carpet fibers begin to tangle and mat together.

Can cleaning your carpet make the traffic pattern appear less noticeable?

This is a difficult question to answer. In some instances, if the traffic pattern on the carpet isn’t too worn, there is a good chance that a professional carpet cleaning will do the trick. However, if the carpet has not been regularly cleaned or properly maintained with high-quality cleaning products, like we use in our cleaning and have available for sale, then it’s likely a single cleaning will not make much of a difference. In the photo to the right you can see the same room as shown in the first photo, only this time it is after our first pass at cleaning the carpet. You can still see a darkening in certain areas - the high-traffic areas - even after the first cleaning. This is when we recommend a second, follow-up cleaning in order to breathe new life into the carpet.

When is a second cleaning necessary?

If dark areas of worn carpet are still present after the carpets are completely dry after a first cleaning, we recommend scheduling a second, follow-up cleaning. By doing so, we can take a second pass over the carpet to really maximize the efficiency of our equipment and products. The second cleaning, as shown in the photo to the left, made a dramatic improvement in the look of the carpet. The coloring is significantly more even than the first photos and the wear patterns are much less noticeable, if at all.

At KleenRite, we perform a complete 12-step carpet cleaning process for each home or business that we service. It’s part of our promise to provide professional cleaning services. We guarantee our service for each and every customer: your carpets will be cleaned right, every time. Contact us today for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimate on any of your cleaning needs. Call us today at (217) 352-2433 or schedule your service appointment online here.


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