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Mold Remediation and Common Mold Removal Myths

To begin, we assess the mold problem -- how much mold is in the home or office, which includes specialized tests, inspecting the structure, and talking with the home or business owner. Once we've assessed and determined the scope of the problem, we create a plan on how to remove the mold, also called mold remediation. The removal process includes structural mold removal and arresting the root cause of the mold infestation. We will then clean and disinfect the area so you are safe to return.

Dispelling Myths about Mold Removal

It all sounds very simple -- you find the source of the mold and clean it up. Some homeowners have read online how they can successfully remove mold from their home. As professionals, we must caution you against believing all that you read. Bleach and water combinations to remove mold can actually increase the likelihood of the mold returning in greater force. Bleach includes a phosphate that actually strengthens and feeds the mold growth rather than deterring it.

Myth - Mold is always a problem you can see

Many people believe mold is a problem they can see, not one that hides from eyesight. While mold often shows itself in plain sight, at times it can hide behind cabinets, around water pipes, and in dingy, basement lighting. Trained professionals understand the common hiding spots for mold and can help stymie the problem after removal.

Myth - Cleaning mold will make it disappear forever

Cleaning mold can be a good first step, but the root cause of the mold needs to be fixed. It's easy to clean mold from hard surfaces like counters and tile. When mold spores interact with absorbent materials, that's when it becomes difficult to remove. At that point, the mold infestation needs to be physically removed and surfaces cleaned. Mold spores can reactivate after a period of time, so simply cleaning an absorbent surface will not suffice. Professionals need to clean and clear any carpets and surfaces like ceiling tile.

Myth - Mold is only found as a result of a flood or water damage

Many people believe mold is a result of water damage or a water pipe leaking. While those are common causes, mold can also infest the HVAC unit in your home, sending mold spores flying throughout your home. This may cause allergic or other health problems depending on the type of mold. We use a air duct cleaning system that removes all the mold and dust spores from the ventilation system and work to repair any problems inherent in the HVAC system.

Myth - Mold isn't dangerous

Our last myth seeks to dispel the idea that mold is not a danger to your health. Many people understand that mold spores can cause an array of allergic reactions. What some do not know is just how dangerous mold spores can be to you your health. Allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory ailments are common around mold spores. Prolonged exposure to mold spores can also cause memory loss, listlessness, or even more serious respiratory illnesses.

Our Approach to Mold Remediation

KleenRite uses the latest techniques from accredited institutions to ensure your home or business remains mold free in the future. Our technicians have the latest, up-to-date training and equipment to remove mold and fix the source of the mold problem. Call us today at (217) 351-4930 to schedule a free mold assessment.  

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