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What to Expect From Our Mold Inspection Service

We get phone calls, emails, and stopped on our routes by concerned homeowners. They may have a mold problem. It's musty in the basement or bathroom. Or there was water damage a few years back and now the walls have the tell-tale signs of mold. Is it a bad mold they might ask? How can we tell? The answer lies in a professional inspection.

At KleenRite, we help Champaign-Urbana residents root out the nature of the mold in their home and find the solution fast. If you've experienced water damage in your home, it's a good idea to do a follow up with disaster repair specialists to ensure the clean-up was done properly and no mold growth has occurred.

Symptoms of mold in your home: 

musty odor in certain areasexcessive humidity in homewater damage without proper cleanupvisible signs of mold

Mold Inspection in Champaign, IL

Should you contact us for the musty bathroom odor? We offer free our free mold inspection service to those in Champaign-Urbana. So it can't hurt to call and schedule your visit. We go over the home's history with you, talk about the possible causes, and inspect the trouble areas.

An inspection does not always equate to mold removal. It may be a false alarm, a minor fix, or something that does not require our mold remediation service. Mold remediation refers to the process of cleaning up mold that's found in the home. Our mold inspection service identifies problems, rather than fixing them. A separate appointment will need to be made to reverse any mold problems found in the home.

KleenRite's Mold Qualifications

We are certified to handle mold inspections in the state of Illinois. We have staff members with the requisite experience to handle any residential or commercial mold inspection. Our past experience has proven that we only take on jobs where mold remediation has to occur.

We help you understand the process as it relates to insurance adjusters and through the entire remediation process. We have been in the mold, fire, and water damage repair business for many years. If you have a mold problem, we recommend calling us for your inspection. It's better to be safe now. Call us today at (217) 351-4930.

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