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How often do I really need to clean my upholstered couch?

Take a moment and think about things you use everyday in your life. You probably think of clothes, dishes, and bedsheets among other things. Now, think of how often those things are cleaned. If you do not clean them everyday, you clean them at least regularly. But, what about your furniture, and more specifically, your upholstered furniture like a couch or chair? These are things that get regular, everyday use, but may not get cleaned as often as they should be. One problem with that is, unless it’s obvious to the naked eye, many people cannot see just how dirty the furniture can be.

Many people ignore furniture cleaning; however, a properly-cleaned and maintained piece of furniture can last significantly longer than one that never gets the care it needs. That’s where KleenRite would like to help you out. If you are one of the many people that are unsure of when or how often to clean your upholstered couch or chair, this month’s blog post will help you immensely. So get comfy in that couch or chair and find out the signs of when you need to clean your upholstered furniture.

Visible Stains

We will lead off with the obvious one. As with anything else in your life that gets regular use, there will be spills and accidents that happen on your couch. It is just something you cannot avoid and while you may think you’ve cleaned the spill or accident completely, some of the mess sinks in and leaves stains that are seemingly impossible to remove. No matter what method you try, the stain refuses to be removed and you are at your wit’s end. That’s when it is time to call in the professionals at KleenRite. We use their specialized and professional equipment to come in and deep-clean your couch, removing that difficult stain. In fact, if you notice a tricky stain on your upholstery, it may be in your best interest to call the professionals immediately before trying any do-it-yourself methods. Upholstery can be tricky and if you use the wrong methods, you run the risk of damaging and ruining your furniture.

Pet Hair/Dander

If it seems as though pets and what they leave behind are a common theme among our blog posts, you are not wrong. As we often say, no home is complete without a pet; however, just know that cleaning up after them is a must for extending the life of your furniture. Sometimes, pet hairs can find themselves deep into the fibers of your couch and stay there throughout any vacuuming or lint rolling you put it through. While a vacuum can get some of the hairs on the surface, it does not stand a chance on the hairs, smells, and stains that have become rooted within the fibers. When we come to clean your upholstery we use tools that have much stronger suction than anything you will have lying around the house. We also use efficient methods to deep within the fibers to remove lingering pet odors. All it takes is a quick call to us and will be at your door to inspect your upholstery, and work with you to come up with a plan to get your furniture cleaned up in no time!


If you allow something to be in constant contact with humans, pets or whatever else you may have around the house, over time it will begin to emanate a smell. If you sit on your chair or plop down on your couch and immediately get a whiff of something unpleasant, you may want to call us...immediately. Smelly odors are problems that you do not want to leave unchecked. As time goes on, that smell will continue to get worse and worse and, before long, it could impact the way your entire home or living space smells. By calling in the professionals at KleenRite as soon as a smell is detected, we can come and remove any impurities or unwanted materials that have gotten into the fabric of your upholstery, helping it smell as good as new.


As with the pet problems, not regularly cleaning your furniture and problems with allergies go hand in hand. The fibers of your chair or couch are annoyingly great at catching and holding on to any dust, dirt or anything else that can cause allergy flare-ups with members of your household. When your upholstery begins to fill up with these pesky allergens, something as simple as someone taking a seat on the couch or chair can release tons of those allergens throughout the air, leaving your residents with a constant feeling of watery eyes, sore throats and runny noses. Not only will your couch benefit from a cleaning, but so will you and your household.

It Looks Worn Out

This one can be the tricky one. With all the others, there are signs of a cleanse needed, whether it be stains, smells, or air quality. Sometimes, it can be tough to diagnose when your upholstery just needs a clean because of how it looks. Throughout the time the furniture has been in your home, the fibers of the upholstery will be smashed down and crushed, often giving your furniture a bit of a worn-down look. Some owners may see that and think it is time to buy new furniture; however, by calling in the professionals at KleenRite to give it a nice, thorough clean, your furniture can gain back that new look and it will cost you a lot less than buying a brand new piece. We start my coming in to inspect your furniture and test the upholstery to see what methods can bring the couch or chair back its luster and will go to work. After we are done with the inspection, we will work with you to determine the best process to restore your previously worn-down piece of furniture back to the look it had when you first brought it into your home.

As with anything that gets daily use, it is important to clean your upholstered furniture regularly. Not only will it improve the couch or chair itself, but it can improve the room around it, as well as the air quality and health of the inhabitants. We at KleenRite can help you remove those stains, eliminate the odors, cleanse the allergens and restore that piece of furniture to its glory days.

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