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How to Reduce Odors in a Home with Pets

Many people will agree with us when we say that no home is complete without a pet or two running around. Sure, they may make a mess, chew some things up and even go to the bathroom on the carpet from time to time, but the companionship they provide far outweigh any of the extra work they may bring about. However, sometimes those messes they leave can have a lasting impression. That’s where we come in. At KleenRite, we make sure that you can still enjoy your pets and keep a clean house at the same time.

Have you ever cleaned up a mess from your pet and it just never seems to come up? Or maybe it looks like you got it, only for it to reappear a few hours later? There’s a reason for that and it’s not your fault! Because of the high concentration of salts, bacteria and other organic matter, pet urine forms a greasy residue that is incredibly resistant to ordinary cleaners. When you clean up a mess, typically you are only getting the surface. This means that, while it appears as though you are cleaning up the mess, a good portion of it has probably sunk into the backing and the padding of your carpet. This leaves you with two options. You can completely remove the padding and clean the carpet from the back and then put it back down, or you can let us handle it for you (here’s a hint...let us handle it for you).

When you call us in to clean up a mess, we bring only the best equipment to take care of the problem. We use special cleaners and an incredibly powerful vacuuming system that removes all pet urine, stains and odors from not only the carpet, but also the padding, carpet backing and the face fibers all in one step. Now not all stains are created equal and for the more extreme messes, “wicking” may be occurring. Urine can create a reservoir that dries out. Once that reservoir becomes wet again from cleaning, the carpet pile acts as a wick and the moisture gets pushed deeper and deeper into the carpets. Until the urine is completely removed, a homeowner will continue to see spots rise to the surface and the smell will continue to cause problems. When this happens, we will make sure to pay several visits to your home and get the mess taken care of. But what about the messes you don’t see? Why would you possibly need to get your carpets cleaned on a more regular basis?

Pet urine is a difficult problem to solve. Your pets roam about the house all day and many times create messes in places you cannot find. It only takes about ¼ a cup of urine to penetrate the carpet and once the mess dries, the reservoir is formed. This is especially a problem during the summertime. Heat and humidity activate the smells and stains in your carpet and can fill your home with the pungent smell. In order to combat this, we always come prepared with a moisture probe and black lights to make sure we have completely cleaned your carpet and didn’t miss a single mess.

We understand how important pets are too many people and would never suggest not getting one (or two or three). But the biggest casualty of owning a pet can be your carpet. Not only will it get stained, but also the smells will permeate your home and turn into a major problem. That’s why getting your carpet cleaned (or at least checked out) regularly is so important and Kleenrite wants to be the service that provides that. Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. Leave the carpet cleaning responsibilities to us.

At Kleenrite, we use only state-of-the-art equipment and employ only trained professionals. And we guarantee our service for each and every customer: your carpets will be cleaned right every time. Call KleenRite at (217) 351-4930 or visit us online to schedule your service.

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