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Leaf Raking Tips

One tempting option in leaf removal is a leaf blower. While these gadgets might do the trick on dry leaves, leaves are often damp and in tighter spaces where the blower is inefficient. Gasoline-powered leaf blowers are also not environmentally friendly, and most models are quite noisy, rendering them not very neighborhood friendly either. Try an electric leaf blower only for areas that truly require them, such as the roof.

With the high-powered options out, looks like it’s back to good old-fashioned raking. When beginning to rake, first decide which leaves must go and which leaves can remain. Leaves can be left under trees and shrubs where they will compost themselves, so that when spring returns, you will need significantly less new bark mulch to cover the areas surrounding your trees and shrubbery. Research has shown that trees fair better when they have a mulched area surrounding them. The mulch will improve the tree’s health and increase its growth rate.

The leaves covering the majority of your lawn, however, need to be cleared away if you want decent grass come spring. You don’t need to rake every time the wind blows, but waiting too long will make for much harder work. Selecting a proper rake can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend raking.

When you venture into the yard to rake, remember to pace yourself and be careful of your back. Raking is a vigorous activity that leaves many people with sore backs because it requires the use of muscles you don’t typically use. Be sure to avoid back injury by moving your feet instead of standing in one spot and constantly bending and straightening. Be sure not to twist the trunk of your body as you rake. A proper raking procedure is to rake leaves straight back and move with the rake as you walk backwards. Take frequent breaks while you work, and give your back a good stretch by leaning backwards to reduce pain. Also switch hand positions periodically to reduce the amount of stress on one arm and side of the body.

With that said, we hope these tips are helpful to you, your family and your friends. We here at KleenRite wish you and your family a safe and healthy autumn season. 


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