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What is the True Cost of Mold Damage?

The only right answer to this question is "it depends." It depends on how much mold is in the home. It depends on the needed treatment to fully remove the mold problem. It depends on the homeowner's budget, as well.

So when we get asked the cost to perform mold remediation, we first have to answer the following questions:

What areas have the mold infected?Will removal require removing structure and replacing that structure?Will wipes and the HEPA vacuum remove much of the problem?

Once we have these preliminary questions answered, we can give a more constructive answer to the cost of mold damage.

Will Home Insurance Cover the Mold Remediation Costs?

Again, it depends. It depends on the home insurance policy in question. Most home insurance policies do not cover mold remediation, if the mold was caused by a maintenance or drainage problem. In fact, the majority of home insurance policies only cover the mold problem if it's a direct result of storm damage or burst pipes -- some type of catastrophic water damage claim. It's best to check with your insurance agent regarding your individual home insurance policy.

What Mold Removal Services Would be Used

In Champaign, the mold removal services often rely on the surface cleanup of mold. Mold professionals will come into the home, use equipment to remove the mold problem, fix the source of the mold, and seal and restore the area back to the way it was prior to the mold. A mold specialist has a whole array of tools available to properly clean and treat a mold infection. Can certain mold problems be cleaned by DIY solutions? We do not recommend cleaning a mold problem with DIY solutions, as certain tutorials online give false information regarding the cleaning process. Certain types of mold can react to bleach, as it contains phosphates that can actually stimulate growth of the mold.

Call KleenRite today to get a true estimate of mold damage at (217) 351-4930.

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