Trash Bin Cleaning Services

We are the only service in Central Illinois offering residential cleaning services for compost, recycling, and trash bins. We use a specially-equipped truck to lift your bins and clean the insides thoroughly, with the aim of getting rid of at least 99.9% of the germs commonly found in bins.

Face it - trash bins can get really gross. Dirty garbage cans are breeding grounds for bacteria, and attract flies maggots, and wildlife. There has been no easy way to clean trash cans...until now.​ Keeping the bins clean as well as protecting you and your property is our number one priority.

We offer a full-service environmentally safe trash can cleaning and sanitation service that takes place, curbside, at your home. We use a specially-equipped truck that self contains any runoff water so that no harmful bacteria or debris make its way into the storm drains and waterways. The entire process is self-contained, efficient, and most of all, CLEAN. 

How it works​

  • Our professional​ly-trained staff will examine the interior and exterior of your trash bin.

  • Next, they'll carefully place your bin onto the lift of our specially-equipped truck.

  • The lift will bring the tote up off of the ground in order to begin the cleaning process.

  • Once the tote is engaged over the Hopper, the cleaning process beings.

  • We use high-pressure water-based disinfecting solution to sanitize your bin, thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior of your trash bin.


The overall process is extremely efficient, utilizing a significantly less water than if you would have manually washed your bin at home. Not to mention saving you time and the overall hassle of cleaning. Call us today for your free, no obligation estimate on curbside trash bin cleaning. Call (217) 351-4930 or click here to schedule online.


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