Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning magicAt Kleenrite, we use only state-of-the-art equipment and employ only trained professionals. And we guarantee our service for each and every customer: your carpets will be cleaned right every time.

For each home or business we service, we perform a complete 12-step carpet cleaning process:

  1. We inspect the carpet to determine your needs.
  2. All carpet is vacuumed using a Hepa Filtration System which prevents allergens and pollutants from being released back into the air.
  3. Walk-off mats are used during carpet to floor transitions to ensure safety and to protect your hard surface flooring.
  4. We pre-treat all spots to maximize cleaning efficiency.
  5. We apply an emulsifier to separate and suspend the soils.
  6. We agitate the carpet nap to accelerate the action of the emulsifier.
  7. At this point, we allow “dwell time” (this is where the real cleaning takes place).
  8. Once the soils have been separated from the carpet fibers, we use hot water extraction to remove the soils and cleaning agents. (We use a jetless rotary cleaner which leaves your carpet 80% drier and much cleaner than standard wand cleaning.) This residue-free cleaning helps retard soiling.
  9. After the carpet is free of soils, we apply a protective coating, which includes our Six-month Spot and Spill Warranty.
  10. We use high-velocity air movers to speed drying.
  11. We groom the carpet nap to promote drying and enhance appearance.
  12. We provide a final inspection of the carpet to ensure we have delivered the quality workmanship you deserve. Then we confirm with you that the service has been conducted to 100% satisfaction.

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