Rug Cleaning

We’ll put a lot of care into cleaning your area rug. But you’ll probably be more impressed with what we take out of it.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Our gentle methods lift away spots and remove ground-in dirt from your rug’s delicate fibers. We can clean your natural or synthetic area rugs and fine oriental rugs. We take the utmost care in handling, cleaning, transporting, and storing your valuable and sometimes heir loomed pieces. Please contact us for pricing and pickup/delivery service. You may also drop off your rugs at our facility Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please call prior to heading over to make sure that someone will be available to receive your rug(s).

We do a thorough vacuuming process on each rug that is brought in to ensure we remove as much debris, pet hair, dirt and soil as possible before the cleaning process takes place. While we do, do a thorough vacuuming it is sometimes almost impossible to remove all pet hair from the rugs. All rugs are vacuumed before and after the cleaning so we can make sure we have removed as much debris as we possibly can.

We then clean your rug with the most appropriate method for the individual rug. This rug is being steam extracted, but dependent on rug, it may either be hand cleaned, dry bonnet-ed, or rotary extracted. If applicable, fringe will be cleaned with a tool specifically made for cleaning delicate fringe. From this point on, the rugs are cleaned as many times as needed until an optimal clean is reached. They are then dried, rolled, tied, and wrapped if requested.

We offer the following rug cleaning services:

  • Synthetic materials
  • Wool
  • Loop pile
  • Fringe cleaning
  • Scotchgard™
  • Some Braided rug repair (this will depend on the severity of the repair needed)
  • Fine orientals
  • Natural and synthetic braid
  • Berber
  • Pet treatments
  • Wrapping

    * There is an extra charge for all above except for fringe cleaning and wrapping.
    * We do not bind rugs or repair most fringes.