Hear what KleenRite’s customers have to say

"Good. Smells so much better."

Joe Hopkins

Techs: Mike & Jordan

"The guys were very good and very polite. They did a wonderful job."

Steve & Karilyn Sonka

Techs: Mike & Tyler

"Joey & Matthew did a great job."

Monical’s in St. Joe

Techs: Joey & Matthew

"The dryer vent is much better, they got out quite a bit."

Michael Bauer

Techs: Lucas & Jordan

"The cleaning was great, I'm very happy. The guys were friendly, on time and efficient."

Kim Whitaker

Techs: Dayment & Jordan

"The duct cleaning was fantastic, so much better."

Christopher Sutton

Techs: Joey & Matthew

"Everything looks great."

Ryan at Iroquois Federal Bank 

Techs: Mike & Wyatt

"Everything is perfect. They did a great job."

Katie Koch

Techs: Daymen, Tyler, Gavin

"The cleaning was amazing, it was the best job ever. The guys were wonderful to work with."

Denise Durso

Techs: Joey & Matthew

"I am happy. The carpet cleaning turned out well. They were good about keeping me updated on their progress. The carpeting looks great."

Diane Lamb

Techs: Joey & Daymen

"Went very well. Appreciate how punctual they were. Looks very clean."

Ken Torricelli

Techs: Lucas & Tyler

"Great. We are very happy with the cleaning of our rugs and furniture."

Beth Stevens

Techs: Mike & Johnathan

"Thank you. So much for coming back and going over things again. Great option and looks good."

Kathy Hansen

Techs: Christopher & Tyler

"Strong odor from cleaning. But it did air out over the weekend. You guys have great customer service. I will definitely refer your services to others."

Patti Pyrz 

Techs: Chris & Anthony

"Fine. Clean and dry. They really work their magic when they are here."

Carl & Judy Johnson

Techs: Cayden & Anthony

"Yes, they did a good job. the guys were nice and professional."

Corby McClellan 

Techs: Cayden & Anthony

"Everything looks great! Especially, the tile in the kitchen. The grout looks really clean now."

Jennifer Kassem

Techs: Mike & Daymen

"Floors look good. I am so happy with how they turned out."

Joyce Butler

Techs: Jeremy & Will

"Perfect. It dried well and is clean and smells really good."

Jan Powers 

Techs: Mike & Chris

"Polite and very professional. i have nothing but good things to say. They were just great."

Barbara Gordon 

Techs: Joey & Will

"It was great. The guys were very helpful. They showed me everything they got out from the vents."

Kip & Laura Knox

Techs: Joey & Daymen

"It turned out really well. Jeremy and Daymen did a great job!"

Judy Rothermel

Techs: Jeremy & Daymen

“There When You Need Us.”