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"The two men that worked on the slate tile did a very good job explaining what they were doing. They were very patient with me. I am very pleased with the way it turned out."

Jane Heaton 

Techs: Lucas & Will

"Everything was fine with the carpet cleaning."

Mike & Lize Lindemann

Techs: Cayden & Anthony

"Great. We are very happy with the cleaning of our rugs and furniture."

Beth Stevens

Techs: Mike & Johnathan

"Just fine. We are very happy with the cleaning."

LouAnn Meier

Techs: Cayden & Anthony

"Strong odor from cleaning. But it did air out over the weekend. You guys have great customer service. I will definitely refer your services to others."

Patti Pyrz 

Techs: Chris & Anthony

"Fine. Clean and dry. They really work their magic when they are here."

Carl & Judy Johnson

Techs: Cayden & Anthony

"Great job. Just curious about my VIP Points, if I got them."

Linda Miller

Techs: Mike & Chris

"Yes, they did a good job. the guys were nice and professional."

Corby McClellan 

Techs: Cayden & Anthony

"Yes, very good."

Christine Parnell 

Techs: Chris & Daymen

"Pretty much did come all out well. There is a small 3 foot section that could use some more attention."

Rod & Cherie Fletcher 

Techs: Chris & Daymen

"Perfect. It dried well and is clean and smells really good."

Jan Powers 

Techs: Mike & Chris

"Polite and very professional. i have nothing but good things to say. They were just great."

Barbara Gordon 

Techs: Joey & Will

"Looks great. Good as new."

Derek Hooker

Techs: Mike & Chris

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