Does this scenario sound familiar? The temperature drops, and eventually you gotta break down and turn the heat on for the first time. After a few minutes you notice a bit of a funky burning smell. It’s not a fire, but there’s definitely something coming out of those vents that makes the air a little less than pleasant to breathe. It may be time to get those ducts cleaned out.

Dirt and dust make their way into your home through so many avenues, and we have explored different ways to tackle that grime in past blogs: carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery, etc. In this month’s post, we talk ducts and the benefits of duct cleaning.

So just what gets into your ducts and builds up over the months and years? Pet fur and human hair, dust and debris—particularly after renovation projects—or residue from smoking can all build up in your duct system. Moisture can also get trapped in vents and insulation—and where there’s moisture, there’s a risk of mold. Essentially the ducts are serving as an additional filter keeping that debris out of the air you breathe, so this build-up is not a bad thing in and of itself….to a point. When too much dirt and dust accumulates, however, it is time to take action.

The Environmental Protection Agency notes three critical situations where professional duct cleaning is absolutely necessary:
  1. When ducts are clogged with an excessive volume of debris, to the point where dust and particles are visibly released through the vents.

  2. When “substantial visible mold growth” is present inside ducts or other components of the heating and cooling system. In such a case, the source of the moisture needs to be detected and dealt with in order to fully address the issue, to ensure the mold doesn’t spread. This could involve removing and replacing insulated air ducts where mold has taken hold.

  3. When ducts have become infested with rodents or insects: the extra dust and debris provide an attractive breeding ground for vermin. We surely all agree pests are not wanted.
One important reason you want to get your ducts cleaned is to detect any of these more serious issues, as they are often a sign of some other underlying cause that needs to be addressed, such as leaks, malfunctioning filters or equipment, or cracks that allow pests into the ductwork. This is why a professional cleaning is so important, to make sure that experts—like the Kleenrite team—can detect any underlying issues before they grow into bigger problems. When too much dust and debris builds up to the point that particles are escaping into your rooms, these contaminants can have annoying, and even harmful, effects on your health. Excess dust can trigger asthma, skin allergies, or other types of respiratory issues. On a perhaps less serious, but still important, note, clogged ducts can give your home an unpleasant musty odor and spread more dust around your home. And anything that cuts down on the amount of time spent dusting every surface is pretty welcome, right? In addition to health and cleanliness concerns, clogged dryer vents present another hazard: fire. If a dryer vent is full of dust and debris, the appliance itself works harder to push that exhaust through. This means the dryer uses more energy and runs a risk of overheating and sparking a blaze. So, keeping those dryer vents clean and clear is of particular importance. KleenRite’s cleaning methods are careful to avoid abrasive equipment that can damage your ducts. We use pressurized air to loosen caked on dirt and a powerful vacuum to draw it out of your ducts and out of your life. Regular duct cleaning will keep your air cleaner, safer, and less dusty.

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