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The KleenRite Team

Damon Hackleman.jpg

Damon Hackleman


Master Textile Cleaner & Journeyman Water Restorer: CCT, UFT, RRT, WRT, ASD, OCT & CRT

Darla Hackleman.jpeg

Darla Hackleman



Candy Bonham.jpeg

Candy Bonham

Administrator &

Operation Coordinator


Candy has lived in and around the C-U area for her whole life. She's been a part of the KleenRite team for nearly 13 years. "I look forward to continuing my career here," says Candy. "I look forward to growing more with the company and helping the company change and grow. I look forward to continuing to build relationships with new and existing clients." Outside of work, Candy enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her puppy.


Emily Phillips

Office Assistant


Emily, a resident of Mahomet, has been a part of the C-U community her entire life. She enjoys arts and crafts, baking and cooking, family time, and spending time with her cats and puppy. When asked about her goals with KleenRite, Emily shares she is working on "Perfecting my communication skills especially on the phone offering KleenRite's services."

Lucas Ipox.jpg

Lucas Ipox

Cleaning & Restoration Technician


Lucas is a Champaign native who enjoys cars, woodworking, and family time. "My goal with KleenRite is to be the best/most skilled technician I can possibly be," shares Lucas. "I look forward to growing with the company as far as possible. I work hard to be very personable and respectful and take the best care possible in homes. I enjoy cleaning and doing the best job I can for our clients."

Cole Bogle.jpg

Cole Bogle


Cole is originally from Brocton, IL but has been a part of the C-U community for the past 8 years. Cole enjoys playing with his dog. Cole hopes to grow within the company and one day become part of the management team.

Michael Koester.jpg

Michael Koester

Cleaning & Restoration Technician


Joey Schmidt.jpg

Joey Schmidt

Cleaning & Restoration Technician


Joey is originally from Waukegan, IL but has lived in Champaign for the past 36 years. He enjoys sports, music, video games, movies, and watching television. When asked about his work with KleenRite he shares his goal is to "Continue to learn and grow in the industry."


Jeremy Kilian

Cleaning & Restoration Technician


Cayden Bergschneider.jpg

Cayden Bergschneider

Cleaning & Restoration Technician

Cayden is a Champaign native. He enjoys graphic design, sports, and movies. Cayden hopes to "Learn more about this industry and gain more skills that help me in this field." Interesting fact about Cayden - he is left handed!

Daymen Curry.jpg

Daymen Curry

Cleaning & Restoration Technician


Daymon is originally from Kankakee, IL but has lived in Champaign-Urbana for the past four years. He likes anime, video games, and skateboarding. His goal with company is to become certified in some of the services that KleenRite offers.


Will Storm

Cleaning & Restoration Technician


Wyatt Hubert

Cleaning & Restoration Technician

Christopher Lee_edited.jpg

Christopher Lee

Cleaning & Restoration Technician

Christoper was born and raised in Mahomet. When he is not at work, you can find him playing video games, playing and watching sports, and spending time with his family. Christoper's goals at KleenRite are to "learn how to do everything here so that I can be the best at it."


Anthony Vance

Cleaning & Restoration Technician

Anthony was born and raised in Champaign. He enjoys gaming, reading, and sports. At KleenRite, his goal is to become better at his job and move up in his position. Anthony shares about working at KleenRite that he "loves working here - we are a family here."


Jordan Frye

Cleaning & Restoration Technician


Zach Beckler

Account Manager

Zach is a Champaign native, having lived in the community his whole life. He enjoys golfing, fishing, and the occasional pick up game of basketball. When asked about his aspirations at KleenRite, he notes, "My goal is to generate new business opportunities for Kleenrite, by representing them as a locally owned and operated business that has been in business and well-established in the area for 25 years."

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