Ms. Stacey Schroeder

"Polite employees, excellent job."


Great. Very pleased. The gentlemen were very nice, I couldn't have asked for better service.

Laurie Smith (Joey & Mike)

Looks great. A few spots came back but I have a puppy and our carpet is 18 yrs old.

Teresa (Joey & Mike)

Fine. They did a good job and everything looks good.

Jeffery Pietrzak (Joey & Mike

Everything is fine, the carpets turned out great.

Rebecca Walker (Joey & James)

Just as great as always

Jo Anderson (Joey & Christopher)

Yes, they did a really good job.

Pat Shepard (Joey & Lucas)

So far, so good.

Sharon Valentine (Joey & James)

It was fine, they did a great job. Joey tried to do the best he could with all that was there.

Jeff Hayes (Joey & Christopher)

Your guys did a great job.

Skip / Denise Novak (Mike & Cole)

The guys were very good and polite. I am the president of our condo association and I am recommending your services to everyone.

David Block (Joey & Mauricio)

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