KleenRite Hypervac Duct Cleaning

Central Illinois’ most serious duct cleaning technology!

KleenRite’s new Hypervac truck is a state-of-the-art system designed for high-powered air duct cleaning. The truck is uniquely designed to meet the demands of modern duct cleaning, with enhanced efficiency, superior suction, and serious duct cleaning power.

Our Hyper Vac duct truck utilizes cutting-edge technology to thoroughly clean air ducts throughout your building or home. All debris – dirt, dust, mold, dander and other contaminants – are suctioned through hoses and pushed out into our truck. This eliminates the risk of dust being released into the indoor environment.


KleenRite's Duct Cleaning Process

We use pressurized air to loosen caked on dirt and our powerful Hypervac technology to draw it out of your ducts and out of your life. Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

The entire HVAC system will be pre-inspected to determine how dirty it is, and which method will be used to conduct the cleaning. This inspection will focus on the supply vents, return vents, and furnace location. 

Step 2: Arrival and Setup

Your KleenRite technician will arrive at the scheduled time, and conduct a preliminary inspection of the furnace and air duct system. The technician will bring a Negative Air machine into the home, and run air lines to all of appropriate locations. Corner guards and tarps will be placed in the home to protect walls and flooring.

Step 3: Begin Cleaning Process

After access openings are prepared, your KleenRite technician will attach a vacuum hose directly into the main duct system. The system will be sealed off between hot air and cold air by using a duct masking tape that is placed upon all vents covers to maximize the effectiveness of KleenRite’s powerful vacuum.

Step 4: Clean Vents One At a Time

While the duct system is under suction, supply and return air vents/grills will then be cleaned using 250 psi of compressed air. At KleenRite, we always begin cleaning from the furthest air vent, usually on the top floor, then work our way back to the Negative Air Machine.

Step 5: Main/Trunk Line Cleaning

After all the air vents have been cleaned, we start at the end of the duct system and use a combination of air whips, and our reverse air nozzle (also referred to as an air snake). All debris that was in any of the air vents or connecting pipes will be cleaned out of the main ducts.

Step 6: Agitation

Our air whips and air rods, are inserted into the ductwork using small 1-3″ opening that we create in strategic locations throughout the duct system. The whip beats around the inside of the duct system, loosening caked-on dirt from all surfaces inside of the duct. Next, we will use our air snake to blow all the remaining dirt and even heavy objects back towards the vacuum of the Negative Air Machine.

Step 7: Clean/Pack Up

We end by wrapping up all of the hoses and returning our Negative Air machine to our truck. We then put the finishing touches on your duct cleaning by wiping down the air handler unit, re-installing or replacing any filters (supplied by the customer) and completing our inspection of the operation of the system. The work area is thoroughly cleaned, and the technician will apply a KleenRite sticker to the front of the air handler unit. The sticker includes useful information about our KleenRite and more information about our services via a QR code.