The days have been growing longer, the temperatures a bit more pleasant. We can all feel it—spring is in the air! Time to open up some windows, air out the house, and freshen things up. And while we might not all look forward to it quite as much as the season itself…spring cleaning is also in the air.

When you hear the name KleenRite, you probably think of carpet cleaning. But did you know we offer so much more when it comes to professional cleaning and restoration? As you think about your spring cleaning plans and figure out what all needs a good scrubbing, we would like to walk you through some of our other services that can help you keep your home looking its best.

We’ve written recently about our duct cleaning services, tile & grout cleaning, mold removal, as well as what we can do to keep pesky pet odors in check. In this month’s blog we’d like to reacquaint you with some of our other services that you might not be quite as familiar with.

Rug Cleaning

I know what you’re thinking: aren’t rugs just small carpets? Is this really a different service? The answers are no and yes. Rugs are often more delicate, sometimes heirlooms, and our professionals can assess your needs and ensure your rugs are thoroughly cleaned and delicately handled. We even offer a pickup and delivery service, so you don’t have to haul the rug(s) yourself.

Pet hair, mud, debris, and dust can all get embedded in your rug fibers, but because they are not anchored to the floor in the same way as carpeting, regular vacuum cleaning might not get all that dirt up as thoroughly as you would like. Our rug cleaning process begins and ends with careful vacuuming in order to remove as much debris as possible. Based on the type and age of the rug, we will then clean it via steam extraction, rotary extraction, dry bonneting, and when necessary, by hand. We use a special tool for delicate fringe to ensure your rug is not damaged in the process. Once our team is satisfied that your rug is optimally clean, we carefully and thoroughly dry, roll, tie, and wrap your rug for safe transport home. Read more about our rug services and treatments.

Furniture & Upholstery

We do some of our best work on the floor, but that’s not all we do! Your flooring is not the only one that bears the brunt of dirt and debris. Your furniture also needs periodic cleaning, even if you have managed to avoid major spills and stains. The dust and dirt that makes its way into your home can settle into furniture. These dust mites and other pollutants can irritate allergies, bringing down your home’s air quality. On top of the allergens, the dirt and debris can also slowly scratch, abrade, and permanently change how your upholstered furniture looks.

Our specialists can tackle leather and fabric upholstery. They’ll start with a fabric test to determine what type of cleaning method will be the most effective while keeping your furniture looking its best. By having your furniture professionally cleaned every 1-2 years, you can not just keep the fabric colors looking fresh, you’ll also help improve your upholstery’s longevity. Read more about our upholstery cleaning services.

24/7 Emergency Restoration

In Central Illinois, water intrusions are unpredictable, and any property is susceptible to water damage at nearly any time of year. Having a reliable partner like Kleenrite in your corner gives you confidence that any water situation, no matter how catastrophic it seems at first, can be overcome quickly and completely. In the event of a water damage emergency, it is vital to have a reliable water damage remediation team that you can count on to restore your residential or commercial property back to like-new condition after sustaining any level of water damage.

​We offer emergency water damage restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our water damage restoration team is certified and experienced in the latest water damage remediation techniques and equipment. Kleenrite is a member of the IICRC and follows its professional standards for emergency water damage restoration.

​Kleenrite professional technicians restore your flooded or water-damaged area back to like-new condition. We are often on-site within an hour and work with many insurance companies to get your home or business back to like-new condition quickly.

What you can expect from Kleenrite:

• Quick Response

• Honest Answers and Advice

• Experienced Technicians

• Daily progress checks

• The latest in structural drying technology.

• Assistance with finding resources so you don’t have to contact a gazillion different companies for one loss (i.e. dry cleaners, carpenters, disposal, storage, transport, etc.).

As you can see, KleenRite offers a range of services to take care of the big bad cleaning jobs that require a professional. Call us at 217-351-4930 to talk with our specialists about your needs and schedule a no-cost estimate. Let KleenRite help take your spring cleaning to the next level.